Insect Amber PVC Strip curtains

Insects are a major problem in any work place. We offers our customers Insect PVC Strip Curtains for commercial food preparation areas need to comply with the latest food and hygiene regulations by fitting a screen which prevents the entry of insects, birds, flies and other infestations. Insect-Proof PVC strip curtain is an ideal solution for anywhere that insects are not welcome. Insect proof PVC strip curtain made with a specially formulated repellent material that wards off insects. Sanitation authorities are highly concerned with the hygiene conditions of food and drug handling areas.

insect amber pvc strip curtains

Chennai PVC Strip curtains offers you Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtain is available in Yellow and Orange color. This is the only color available in insect proof. It emits special light which dispels insects


  • Personnel doors at commercial and manufacturing locations
  • Back doors of restaurants
  • Any open area where flying insects are a pest
  • Open air concessions at parks, sports arenas and other outdoor facilities
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    Corporate offices, Manufacturing Industries, Cold Storages, Hotels, Food and Beverage Processing Industries, Automobile Industries, Warehousings, Commercial Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Healthcare.

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    We are very delighted that Chennai PVC Strip Curtains has provided great service for our curtain requirements. I am very much impressed with their technology and bringing cost reduction to our company.
    Mr.Daniel Joseph, MNC Bangalore