PVC Strip curtains

These Welcome You all to PVC Strip curtains to get in touch with us. Here, we have all kinds of PVC Strip Curtains. The purpose of this PVC Strip Curtains is to prevent from Dust, stop flies and insects. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" is followed by many of the people of our generation. Preventing dust is main purpose of our business. PVC Strip curtains can be used in the companies as well as in the houses. People who want their houses to be clean can use PVC Strip Curtains and utilize the chance that knocks at your door.

PVC Strip curtains

Our products are designed in a manner so as to reduce the wastage of energy and reduce the cost. The PVC Strip Curtain is highly durable and is available in various colors and thickness.
Available PVC Strip Curtain:
1.Clear White Transparent PVC Strip Curtains
2.Anti-Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtains
3.Welding Grade Red and Green Color PVC Strip Curtains
4.Industrial Grade PVC Strip Curtains
5.Cooler Grade PVC Strip Curtains


These PVC Strip curtains are available in the sizes mentioned Below

  • 200mm x 2mm
  • 200mm x 3mm
  • 300mm x 3mm

Quality PVC Strip Curtains

We very much concern with the quality and reliability of our service to keep our reputations good. Our goal is to sustain long-term, productive relationships through good service, and never to lock customers in with hidden contract.

Industries We Serve

Corporate offices, Manufacturing Industries, Cold Storages, Hotels, Food and Beverage Processing Industries, Automobile Industries, Warehousings, Commercial Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Healthcare.

Customer Reviews

We are very delighted that Chennai PVC Strip Curtains has provided great service for our curtain requirements. I am very much impressed with their technology and bringing cost reduction to our company.
Mr.Daniel Joseph, MNC Bangalore