Transperant PVC Strip curtains

This type is manufactured using quality raw material and advanced technology, to ensure high performance and long working life. If your window solution needs to transperant, then Transperant pvc strip curtains is most preferable type of pvc strip curtains. These have a specially designed top allows the sample to be poured accurately, with little or no splashing. PVC being very rigid, it stays straight and never bends or distorts under normal care. PVC naturally sinks in water, due to its specific gravity, relative to water and it does not require weights to restrict flow of sample entering and exiting bailer.

transparent pvc strip curtains


These Transperant PVC Strip curtains are available in the sizes mentioned Below

  • 200mm*2mm*50m
  • 300mm*3mm*50m
  • 400mm*4mm*50m
  • Customised size are also available as per your choices


  • Efficient for Shop Floors
  • Less Maintenance
  • You can Wash with water or Colin
  • Quality PVC Strip Curtains

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