Welding Booth PVC Strip curtains

We offer welding pvc strip curtains that are are designed to save energy, protect workers, and reduce noise in welding areas and factory applications. Specifically designed Welding Booth PVC strip curtains for doors that enclose areas where welding is being performed. Its tinted color helps reduce the incidental effects of bright, ultra violet light from welding arcs. Sparks bounce off the thick material, yet it is transparent enough to allow supervisors and others to view the welding area.

welding booth pvc strip curtains

Welding curtains are available in several configurations to fit a variety of applications. A properly installed welding curtain or welding screen will help protect workers and the work area from the hazards associated with welding such as sparks, spatter and ultraviolet light.


  • Protect individuals from ultraviolet radiation, sparks, and spatter
  • Great for traffic areas where need to be accessed regularly but still require protection
  • Appropriate eye protection must still be worn
  • Protects workers from Welding area, Flash burns and UV light.
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    Corporate offices, Manufacturing Industries, Cold Storages, Hotels, Food and Beverage Processing Industries, Automobile Industries, Warehousings, Commercial Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Healthcare.

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    We are very delighted that Chennai PVC Strip Curtains has provided great service for our curtain requirements. I am very much impressed with their technology and bringing cost reduction to our company.
    Mr.Daniel Joseph, MNC Bangalore